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[To help fight the epidemic] Hua Xian Photoelectric donated condolence supplies


[To help fight the epidemic] Hua Xian Photoelectric donated condolence materials to the Institute of New Era Civilization Practice

  In the Spring Festival of 2022, with repeated outbreaks of COVID-19, large-scale nucleic acid screening was urgently carried out in Zhongkai District and containment measures were taken in the core areas of the epidemic. During this period, a large number of volunteers in the area actively participated in the front line of epidemic prevention and control, and participated in the detection and prevention and control work with numerous medical staff and community workers, making their own contributions to effectively and effectively epidemic prevention and control.

To help fight the epidemic and donate supplies

  Recently, in order to thank volunteers for their contributions to epidemic prevention and control, the Civilization Office of Zhongkai High-tech Zone and the District Volunteer Service Federation jointly visited the new Era Civilization Practice in each park and town (street). China
Xiopeng actively responded to the call to fulfill its corporate social responsibility and donated a batch of condolence materials (50 boxes of milk and 65 boxes of chocolate). Together with the district Civilization Office and the district Voluntary Service Federation, they visited the volunteers in Chenjiang Street and The New Era Civilization Practice Institute of Tongqiao Town The delegates.

  At the moment of the epidemic, volunteers on the front line have made selfless contributions to the prevention and control work, braving difficulties and sparing no effort to ensure the progress of the anti-epidemic work. Fighting COVID-19 is not the responsibility of one person, but the common responsibility of the whole society. As a listed company and a member of Zhongkai District, Huaxian should do its part to support the epidemic prevention work. This donation not only shows our concern for the frontline workers of epidemic prevention, but also shows that Huaxian is actively fulfilling its corporate social responsibility.

Volunteering starts with me

  It is reported that Huaxian optoelectronics established the "Huaxian Volunteer Service Team" in 2020, and actively drives all employees to participate in social welfare and volunteer services. Volunteers were organized to participate in community, elderly assistance, epidemic prevention and other public services, such as assisting medical staff in the district to carry out nucleic acid testing, participating in the construction of community psychological counseling stations for teenagers, community elderly catering and other public welfare activities. Up to now, we have organized more than 10 public welfare activities with more than 100 hours of service.

Practice of public welfare · Continuous investment

  On February 18, 2022, Xiao Lizhen, chief of human Resources Department of Huaxian Optoelectronics, together with the responsible person of the volunteer service team, went to the District Volunteer Service Federation and communicated with zeng Qiping, secretary General of the Federation, on the development and mobilization of enterprise volunteer service and public welfare activities. The two sides discussed deeply from the origin of volunteer service spirit, the transformation of enterprise volunteer service type to the ion and incentive of outstanding volunteers. Xiaoke said: Huaxian strongly supports the development of various voluntary and public service, and tries to mobilize employees to participate in various ways, which has achieved some initial results, but there is still a lot of room for growth. In the follow-up, Huaxian will intensify efforts to strengthen the construction of volunteer service team, and will also actively participate in the development of various public welfare activities in the district to fulfill corporate social responsibility. Zeng acknowledged the practice of Hua Xian and expressed his gratitude to Hua Xian for its recent donation of condolence supplies to frontline volunteers.

  Voluntary action and public service only have a starting point, there is no end, not only to have a passionate heart, but also to adhere to a long time, accumulate small kindness, become great love, we call on all employees to join our volunteer service team, on the road of public service activities, to contribute their own strength.

Correspondent: Liu Yanfen