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Huizhou Huaxian has passed AEO advanced certification of customs


Huizhou Huaxian has passed AEO advanced certification of customs
    On May 30th, The deputy general manager of Huizhou Huaxian Optoelectronics Wen, human resources administrative director Hu led the team to Huizhou Customs to participate in the AEO advanced certification enterprise qualification awarding ceremony and enterprise symposium, Huizhou Customs Commissioner Guo Renzhen, deputy Commissioner Luo Qingzhong attended the awarding ceremony.

At the ceremony, Commissioner Guo Renzhen issued AEO advanced certification enterprise certificate for Huizhou Huaxian.

Huizhou Huaxian presents the flag to Huizhou Customs to thank them for their strong support and help to the customs clearance business.
AEO advanced certification enterprise is the highest level of customs credit management, which reflects the high credit of enterprises and promotes the cooperation between enterprises. Since Huizhou Huaxian launched AEO high recognition project in April last year, Huizhou Customs interpreted the standards and answered questions through online and offline methods, and gave on-site guidance to Huizhou Huaxian Company to help all departments of Huizhou Huaxian accurately

the certification standards. At the symposium, Mr. Wen expressed his gratitude to Huizhou Customs for their support and help to Huizhou Huaxian.

Leaders of Huizhou Customs fully affirmed and praised the certification work and customs clearance business of Huizhou Huaxian. Deputy commissioner Luo Qingzhong gave feedback to Huizhou Huaxian certification results and introduced preferential measures for AEO advanced certification enterprises. At the same time, we learned in detail about the difficulties Huizhou Huaxian is facing in handling customs business and the epidemic period, and said that we will continue to strengthen policy alignment with enterprises and provide more accurate heating services.

In the end, wen said, through the customs AEO senior certification is not "the end", but "starting point" on China significantly improve internal control management of huizhou, huizhou China show will take this opportunity to continue in accordance with the customs AEO senior certification to strengthen internal management, improve logistics efficiency, to provide customers with safe, efficient supply chain services, further enhance the market share.