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First, continue to optimize the management system

Hua Xian Optoelectronics continues to optimize the management system related to social responsibility and obtains relevant certificates, including: Quality management (ISO9001:2015), occupational health and safety (ISO45001:2018), environment (ISO14001:2015), toxic and harmful substances (QC080000:2017), energy (ISO50001:2018), social responsibility (SA8000:2014) and other management bodies Department.

The following are the certificates and reports of the company's management system:






SGS ISO 9001

SGS ISO14001

   Carbon emission certification report








SGS ISO45001

SGS ISO50001


Management of toxic and harmful substances

The company adhering to the "green production, compliance and law" toxic and harmful substances management policy, adhere to the concept of toxic and harmful substances monitoring: do not choose toxic and harmful substances. Specific as follows:

1. Control from the source of purchased materials, conduct component review in material ion, and do not materials with compliance risks;

2. Review and find problems according to the supplier's ingredient list rather than relying on tests. And convey this concept to primary and secondary suppliers to achieve compliance with laws and regulations and customers' requirements for toxic and hazardous substances.

In 2021, the number of controlled toxic and hazardous substances will be increased from 103 to 121, and California's Proposition 65 control requirements will be added. By the end of 2021, the company has passed the audit of toxic and hazardous substances management system of many brand customers, without any accident of toxic and hazardous substances exceeding the standard.


Third, green procurement

  The company is committed to sustainable development of green procurement concept, in order to reduce the environmental impact of suppliers, the group requires partners to comply with the "QC080000:2017 Toxic and Hazardous Substances Management System" standard and the requirements of laws and regulations, must sign the "Environmental protection Agreement", "environmental compliance Statement". Meanwhile, the group also regularly requires suppliers to provide RoHS2.0 and halogen test reports and material safety data sheets (MSDS) to ensure effective assessment of environmental compliance. For incoming raw materials, the quality control department of the group conducts regular X-ray fluorescence spectrum analysis and inspection according to high, medium and low risk grades. In 2021, the group conducted toxic and hazardous substances management system audit for 16 key material suppliers, and the pass rate reached 100%, effectively reducing environmental risks from the supply chain.

Four, social welfare activities

The company set up "Huaxian Volunteer Service Team" and actively led all employees to participate in social welfare and voluntary services. I organized volunteers to participate in community, elderly assistance, epidemic prevention and other public services, and organized more than 10 public welfare activities with more than 100 hours of service.

During the epidemic, Huaxian supported the epidemic prevention work in the region by donating materials and participating in voluntary epidemic prevention services, and actively fulfilled its corporate social responsibility.